You Have To Be Half Man & Half Magician To “Hand Toss” A Pizza

You Have To Be Half Man & Half Magician To “Hand Toss” A Pizza

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Pizza originated with the Neolithic hunter-gatherer tribes that developed focaccia — a type of bread.

Later, Etruscan and Greeks would make adaptations to the bread and the Romans would develop the recipe into something that resembles pizza today.

There are countless styles and versions of pizza found throughout the world.

However, two styles stand out: hand-tossed and pan-baked, while both styles yield a familiar-looking pizza, they are quite different.

At Anthony’s they offer both styles!

Today we want to pay homage to Anthony’s “Hand Tossed”.

You Have To Be Half Man & Half Magician To “Hand Toss” A Pizza

hand tossing pizza dough

Stop in and meet Rocco and visit his staff!



Rocco is not only the Owner/Chef of this Pizzeria and Restaurant…but resident “Hand Tosser”


So what exactly is “Hand-Tossed Pizza”?

technical pizza dough toss



Hand-tossed pizza is made by kneading pizza dough with the hands for several minutes.

Once the dough becomes sufficiently elastic, it is tossed into the air for several moments; the length of time depends on the recipe. This of course is top secrete like all great recipes, someone dies if the secret is given-just kidding…

This practice helps to aerate the dough and increase its stretch, making it fluffier when baked. Ingredients are then added to the pizza, which is then put into an oven or directly over a fire and baked.

There you have it!

What you won’t get so quickly is the skill it takes to toss this round dough ball.

pizza dough








I’m always enamored watching it fly through the air with the greatest of fingertips ease, a talent to be hold as this perfect elastic shaped sphere, lands on to a pizza pan.

I swear these guys have to be half man/half magician to perform such a feat. I’ve never seen one hit a kitchen floor in all my life and I’ve spent a lot of time in Pizzeria’s and eating pizza.

Anthony’s Pizza is the best in St. Petersburg Fl. and to have such a delicious “Hand Tossed Pizza” at out finger tips is a gift from the Food Gods…


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You Have To Be Half Man & Half Magician To “Hand Toss” A Pizza